Saturday, December 31, 2011

BOB: So Bill do you have any goals for 2012?
BILL: Eat chicken.
BOB: What.
BILL: I’ve never had chicken before, so I want to try some.
BOB:  Really?
BILL: What about you?
BOB: Well I was thinking something a little more, uhmmm aspiring.
BILL: Oh yeah, like what?
BOB: Well I want to be the fastest and highest flying buzzard ever.
BILL: Wow, why?
BOB:  Don’t you have any dreams Bill, think BIG, surely you have something.
BILL: Oh ya, I uhmmm, I’d like to be the longest sitting still buzzard, that’d be fun.
BOB:  Oh brother. Well after I break the record guess what I’m going to do next.
BILL: Probably kill over and die?
BOB: NO! you bumbling bag of buzzard bones! I’m going to fly down to the coast and see if eating fish really does make my skin soft and shiny!
BILL: Can I come, I bet they have chicken down there.

New Years Resolutions are pretty much just a bunch of wishes that never come true unless we can go about making our list in a way that will be realistic. Some people make a lifetime list or what they call a bucket list. I like these kind of list, than you add to it and pick some goal off of it that you would like to accomplish this year. I have heard that writing down your list makes a world of difference on the percentages of whether or not you will accomplish them. If you’re like me you forgot where you put them AND you don’t want to put them where other people can see them because they might hold you to them or try to get you to do some of them before your ready. Having a plan though is the main purpose, a vision, or a goal. If you don’t do anything at all then we all have a tendency to kick back into survival mode and the stuff that is really important to us never gets done. So here’s a few things that I’m going to try, first my priority list for this year, it may vary just a little from year to year: God, My Family, My Health, My House, Other People, not very biblical but honest. So based on those priorities what am I going to spend most of my time doing.
  1. Praying (I already figured out that all things are possible with God but without God I’m just spinning my wheels so behind everyone of these goals picture the words, “If the Lord Wills”.
  2. Teach, I homeschool so teaching is my number one priority.
  3. make so good healthy meals to encourage my family to eat healthier. (Just so you know, good and healthy according to my kids can not be in the same sentence, so this is going to be a big challenge.
  4. Make doctors appointments for well care,…it’s been almost seven years so I think I should probably get a check up and take responsibility for my body and take care of it because it’s the only one I got. So walking and exercise are in there to…(by the way exercise relieves stress and they are now saying that stress is actually a cause for cancer)
  5. build onto the house, like the ant we need to take the steps to build the rest of our house. It is half trailer, half house right now. I love it but it is not marketable and by pulling the trailer away we could actually rent it out and have more income to pay for 3 kids being in college at the same time. Aaahhh. Seriously, how do people do this without going broke!! Oh yes, Larry Burkett!
  6. I want to encourage other people to be good parents to train their children not just keep them out of their hair. I want to write a book some day, be a comedian, write poetry, and songs and paint. But all of that may have to wait for another chapter in my life…This year I need to get my boys through 11th grade… and the first half of their Senior year…I need  a LOT of energy  for that.!!
  7. Get the quilt done I’ve been working on for 3 years

That’s it for me so far for this year, my life list, well, I’m still working on that.

Friday, December 30, 2011


I have so many thoughts running through my head daily and I'm having trouble keeping them all filed away so some of those thoughts will be here...on what...who knows. Sometimes I am so random, and other times I practically pound a subject into the ground. Why "Talking for the Birds"? We were here before angry birds, before the cute little animated bird show before Monsters Inc. and before the penguins on Madagascar...
We’ve been doing it for years. We see a couple of birds sitting on the wire and we are off, sometimes their conversation can last over an hour with a whole story behind it. Other time they mouth off then just be quiet. I have five children the oldest being 26. So I’ve actually been making up stories for over 26 years, before kids and birds it was dolls, cats, dogs and any other available animal as well as an occasional car. There are many lessons to be taught and learned when talking for the birds. So no I’m not crazy, well at least I’m not as crazy as the woman I know that talks to rocks!
     There are also many lessons to be learned from children, I may be sharing a few that I've learned over the years along with life lessons in general because I personally think in this world we live in we can use all the help and support we can get. We need to stick together! :-)